You are at Risk.

Homes Destoryed by a Tornado

Storms are a real threat to Georgians. Just turn on the news and you'll hear accounts of the deadly destructive power of severe weather systems in our area. In 2011 the US has seen a record number of tornadoes and tornado related razied, assets ruined, lives lost.

Do you Have a Plan?

If you live in Georgia Chances are you don't have a finished basement. Even if you do, you aren't completely safe anywhere in your home during high velocity windstorms. Where will you go when severe weather strikes? Will emergengy supplies be waiting for you? What will become of your loved ones, your pets, your valuables and heirlooms?

You Don't Have to Fear What's on the Horizon.

We can help you plan ahead. Total security will be a few steps away with a safe room or bunker from Georgia Tornado Shelters! Our unites are waterproof, built to FEMA standards and can withstand impact from debris flying in F-5 level winds. They're not just for weahter emergencies - a safe room can protect your family from intruders in the event of a home invasion, or you can use it as a storage vault. Stock it with food, water, batteries and medical supplies. When distaster strikes, your Georgia Tornado Shelter will see you through the storm! Click here for more information about our products.

Be Sure. Be Secure. Georgia Tornado Shelters LLC

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